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About Me

Kristy Jane

Kristy Jane

My given name is Kristine Jane Dow, but to my dad I’ve always been Kristy, which is funny because he’s the only one who has ever called me that. My middle name comes from my Grandma Jane, my moms’ mom. Both names have a special place in my heart and so, in honor of my family, I created Kristy Jane.



I would describe myself in one way…FREE SPIRITED. A quality which has helped shape my life into what it is & me into who I am.

My free-spiritedness has taken me many places…four years of graphic design college & trips around the world (New Zealand, England, France, Italy and Spain, Florida Keys). I spread my wings and moved away from my little home town of Byron (Western New York) to the tropics of South Florida. I am thankful for the courage to do so, because West Palm Beach is where I fell in love with sea glass and the art of jewelry making. In the end, love and strength of family and friends brought me back home to Western NY in 2014 (just in time for fall leaves).

My journey has shaped and refined me. I’ve followed my dreams… I happily introduce you to one of those dreams…Kristy Jane jewelry. I hope you feel the love I have put into each piece and that it makes you feel like you’re on vacation. Enjoy!